Questions about our Philodendron Spiritus Sancti?

Read our Philodendron Spiritus Sancti FAQ here 

When do you ship plants out?

Plants are shipped Monday/Tuesday

When do you deliver plants?

Plants are delivered on Wednesday or when agreed upon 

What do you use on your plants? 

I use predatory mites as well as other soil microbes that enhance the resiliency of the plants as well as help the plants remain pest free

Why do you keep the ugly leaves?

Because being ugly isn't a crime! But mostly because even the ugly leaves still photosynthesize :)

Why did the price/picture change on the plant I was looking at?

Mondays are picture days! This also means that sometimes the price may change on the plant. So If you like something you see, grab it fast 😱!!

Can I have more pictures?

Philomania is a one-person business and so I cannot usually accommodate the request for more pictures. Exceptions can be made for high ticket items!


What should I expect when I ship my plant(s) and what should I do with it? 

It's hard to give a definitive answer when it comes to what to expect when you open your plant mail. But if some leaves/stems are yellow or yellowing, some of the roots are rotted, droopy leaves or stems, or parts of the plant have some trauma, these are not unexpected. For new unhardened leaves you make see that the leaf is more damaged than others - leave it alone! That new leaf still has the opportunity to finish growing and put out a newer leaf from its petiole. 

For plants shipped bare-rooted: leave the plant in the media it was shipped in. You can add more media of your choosing when you add it into the pot of your choice.  Water the plant and place it in moderate light.

For plants shipped in the original moss: leave the moss intact and put into a container that looks similar to the one it was in before. You can guess the shape and size of the container that it previously was in by looking at the shape of the moss. If the moss has lost its shape during shipping, put the moss the the plant came with into a container that is proportional to the amount of moss and roots you have. Do not put the plant in a bigger pot than necessary as this might cause the plant to get root rot. 

For unrooted/rooting cuttings: Place the cutting in water and leave alone for two months. Follow your normal procedure for cuttings otherwise. Do not change where the cutting is located in your house or it's environment.

General advice

I recommend leaving plants alone for at least a month. Meaning: no fertilizer, no repotting, no change of environment, and regular watering practice for the plant you have.

These are just my recommendations and opinions, and you by no means have to do them if you do not wish to.  If you have questions or issues with your plant, email philomaniaca@gmail.com for plant transition assistance.